How Global Styles Can Help Your Website’s Design

Your website’s design speaks volumes about your brand. Whether you aim to convey a sense of fun and quirkiness, knowledge and trustworthiness, or innovation and imagination, the design plays a pivotal role in shaping the first impression for potential customers, followers, and clients.

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Fortunately, with Full Site Editing (FSE), you don’t need to hire a developer to achieve the desired look for your website. You can leverage the remarkable global styles feature in WordPress, allowing you to customize elements across your entire website effortlessly, without having to delve into a single line of code.

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Understanding WordPress Global Styles

Global styles are an exciting addition to the WordPress experience, particularly within the realm of full-site editing. Full site editing enables you to make comprehensive edits to your entire website, including headers, footers, and page templates, all using the same block editor that you’re already familiar with for creating pages and posts. The beauty of this approach is that the changes you make to each element apply consistently across your entire site, saving you precious time and effort.

Global styles extend this concept to the aesthetics of your WordPress site. You can effortlessly configure colors, fonts, spacing, and more, while also customizing the default appearance of blocks. This level of control ensures your website exudes a cohesive and impressive look that mirrors your brand’s identity.

How to Harness the Power of WordPress Global Styles

To get started with WordPress global styles, ensure you’re using a theme that supports full site editing. Fortunately, there’s a growing array of such themes available, including options like Twenty Twenty-Two, Arbutus, Blockbase, Farrow, and Videomaker.

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Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Access the Full Site Editing Experience: In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance → Editor. This will open up the full site editing experience, where you can make comprehensive adjustments to global site elements, including your header, footer, and page layouts.
  2. Explore the Styles Icon: In the top right corner, click on the Styles icon, which resembles a half-filled circle. This will grant you access to the global styles for your website, where you can customize your site’s design.

Configuring Global Fonts

Showing how to get the the Typography settings.

When you click on Typography, you’ll find a panel that allows you to edit the fonts used for text and links throughout your website. You can choose from a wide array of font families and customize the font size, line height, and appearance to convey the precise message to your site visitors.

Setting Global Colors

Showing how to change the colors in the WordPress editor.

Open the Colors panel to select the shades that complement your design. You can configure the palette of colors available by default for blocks across your website. Whether it’s theme colors or default colors for building your pages and posts, you have the flexibility to tailor your design.

Tailoring Your Site’s Layout

In the Layout panel, you can fine-tune the padding for your website, adjusting the blank spaces around elements. These padding adjustments can be made independently for the left, right, top, and bottom sides, giving you the freedom to enhance the spacing according to your preferences.

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Personalizing Specific Blocks

The Blocks section provides a comprehensive list of blocks that you can customize across your site. Whether it’s buttons, headings, or search blocks, you have the power to tweak typography, colors, and layout to make these blocks stand out and align with your brand’s identity.

For example, you can customize buttons to guide visitors or headings to create clear section divisions. These block-level adjustments ensure your content stands out and enhances user experience.

Craft the Ideal Website for Your Brand

With global styles, Full Site Editing puts the power of design in your hands, enabling you to create a website that seamlessly aligns with your brand’s identity. You can choose your brand’s colors, select fonts that resonate with your message, and reconfigure block layouts with ease. The result is a website that not only captures your brand’s essence but also provides a delightful user experience.

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