What’s New in WordPress 6.4: A Quick Overview

WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems, is set to release version 6.4 on November 7th, 2023. In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of the exciting new features and improvements that are coming with WordPress 6.4.

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1. Image Light Boxes are coming in WordPress 6.4

One of the most exciting additions in WordPress 6.4 is the introduction of image light boxes. This feature allows you to configure images to open in a lightbox, providing a visually engaging experience for your visitors. The benefit here is clear: it enhances user interaction and makes your website’s images pop, creating a more captivating browsing experience.

  • Enhance user experience with images that open in visually appealing lightboxes.
  • Create a more immersive and interactive browsing experience.

2. Image Preview in List View

Managing images is now a breeze with the image preview feature in the list view. It saves you time by allowing you to quickly assess your images without having to open each one individually. This not only streamlines your workflow but also helps you keep your media library organized.

  • Streamline image management, saving time and effort.
  • Easily organize and identify images in your media library.

3. Vertical Text Option

Imagine spicing up your content with vertical text! The new vertical text option in the editor adds a creative touch to your website. You can use it to make your content stand out and look more unique, which can be a real eye-catcher for your visitors.

  • Add a unique and creative touch to your content.
  • Make your website stand out with innovative vertical text layouts.

Maintaining a consistent look across your website has never been easier. With the aspect ratio control for featured images, you ensure that images conform to a specific ratio. This feature is a time-saver when building templates and provides a polished, professional appearance to your site.

  • Maintain a consistent and professional look across your site.
  • Ensure images conform to specific ratios, regardless of their original proportions.

5. Block Pattern Categorization

The block pattern categorization feature simplifies the organization of your content. By categorizing block patterns, you make it easier to reuse specific layouts and styles throughout your site. This results in a more consistent and visually appealing design.

  • Organize your content and maintain design consistency.
  • Easily categorize and reuse block patterns, creating a coherent and visually appealing design.

6. New Default Theme: 2024 Theme

The arrival of the 2024 theme is a game-changer. This versatile theme is ready for various types of websites, from businesses to photography, blogs, and magazines. Its benefit? You can create a stunning website without the need for extensive customization, saving you time and effort.

  • Save time and effort with a versatile default theme.
  • Ideal for various website types, from business and photography to blogs and magazines.

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8. Block Editor Enhancements

In this latest release, The primary focus was on enhancing and extending the features of the existing site and block editor. They are laying the foundation for Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project, which will prioritize collaborative capabilities.

With WordPress 6.4, They are set to integrate numerous releases from the Gutenberg project (the name for our block editor) into the core of WordPress. These releases come with a plethora of new features and improvements.

Smaller yet valuable changes have been implemented to enhance the overall experience.

  • Background Images for Group Block: users could only choose background and text colors for the entire group block. With WordPress 6.4, you’ll also have the capability to set a background image for your group block.
  • Block Hooks: functionality for developers. This feature enables plugins to automatically add blocks upon activation.
  • Open in New Tab in Link Preview: The link preview control (the popup that appears when you add a link in WordPress) shifted the “Open in new tab” option under the “Advanced” toggle.

9. Upcoming Features

While not part of 6.4, future releases promise even more exciting features. The font library, table of contents block, time to read block, and scrolling marquee block are on the horizon. These forthcoming additions will elevate your website’s design and functionality, keeping your site fresh and appealing.

Get ready for WordPress 6.4, packed with features that enhance user experience, streamline management, and bring a fresh look to your site. These benefits will undoubtedly make your website more engaging and efficient.

In conclusion, WordPress 6.4 is more than just an update; it’s a significant leap forward in the world of website design and content management. From enhancing the user experience with image light boxes to simplifying image management and giving you creative control with the vertical text option, these features are designed to empower website owners, bloggers, businesses, and creatives to make their online presence more engaging and efficient.

With improved image management, design consistency, and a versatile default theme, WordPress 6.4 simplifies the process of creating and maintaining a professional website. Moreover, the promise of upcoming features ensures that your site will continue to evolve and stay ahead of the curve.


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