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Dynamic Shopping

Enhance the online shopping experience with dynamic shopping, which allows for faster and smoother navigation. Dynamic shopping loads content asynchronously in the background, without interrupting the user’s browsing and interactions with the website. This decreases page loading time and improves the overall shopping experience. Note: Check with your host to ensure they allow this type of data request, as some hosts may limit calls. It’s recommended to incorporate dynamic shopping for optimal results.

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Compare Mode


Compare Mode can help boost sales by providing customers with a convenient tool to evaluate options. By enabling them to compare products or services side by side, customers gain a clearer understanding of the benefits and differentiating factors, making it more likely for them to proceed with a purchase. This feature enhances transparency and builds customer confidence, leading to increased conversions and ultimately driving sales growth for businesses.

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Instant review


Leaving a review without page reload makes it easy to go back to shopping right after sharing your feedback. There’s no interruption in your browsing experience, allowing you to continue exploring products or services effortlessly. It enhances user satisfaction by keeping the shopping process smooth and uninterrupted, ensuring you can easily transition from leaving a review back to finding what you need with no delays or complications.

Flowing search

flowing search allows your shopper an easy and fast way to navigate to the items they want and add to their cart with ease

Flowing Search


Experience a smoother and more enjoyable shopping journey with Flowing Search – the dynamic search support that delivers fast and relevant results to users. With its adaptability and intuitiveness, Flowing Search optimizes the shopping experience in e-commerce shops, allowing customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Try Flowing Search now to see how it can enhance your commerce shop’s success.

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Mobile Optimization


Mobile functionality is crucial for businesses as it enables customers to access your website and services from their mobile devices easily. According to the Pew Research Center, “Roughly three-quarters of U.S. adults (76%) say they ever buy things online using a smartphone”, it’s clear that mobile shopping is increasing in popularity. By providing a smooth mobile experience, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ensure your business has the best mobile functionality to stay competitive and meet the needs of mobile-first consumers.

Low Dwell Time hurting your SEO?

When a web page has a low dwell time, it suggests that the page did not meet the user’s expectations or fulfill their search intent. This could be due to various reasons, such as irrelevant content, poor user experience, slow loading speed, or a mismatch between the search query and the page’s content. Search engines consider dwell time as one of the factors in determining the quality and relevance of a web page, although it is not the only metric they use for ranking purposes.

Turn any page into a shop with WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks

Discover the full potential of your website by utilizing the powerful combination of WooCommerce and Gutenberg blocks. With dynamic shopping, you can effortlessly showcase your products, engage customers, and increase sales, all within the familiar and intuitive Gutenberg editor. Whether you’re a small business owner, an artist, or an aspiring entrepreneur, our seamless integration provides you with the necessary tools to create a captivating shopping experience. Take charge of your online presence and start monetizing your website today!

But it doesn’t stop there. Dynamic shopping features offer numerous benefits beyond dwell time. They create a user-friendly environment that allows your visitors to easily discover and access the products they desire. By showcasing your diverse range of products in an interactive manner, you’ll stimulate curiosity and encourage users to explore further, leading to a higher likelihood of conversions and repeat visits.