The Power of WordPress in 2024: 10 Compelling Reasons to Choose the World’s Leading CMS

Discover the countless advantages of utilizing WordPress in 2024 as your content management system (CMS). With its free and open-source framework, as well as its adaptability in creating various types of websites, it’s no surprise that WordPress is the top choice for 34% of all websites on the internet.

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Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress, with 34% market dominance, is the top choice for user-friendly website building. With version 6.4, via the Full site editing and Gutenberg block editor, offers unparalleled control over layout and design. This feature allows easy, code-light customization, enhancing accessibility and SEO-friendliness. Notably, it reduces reliance on themes, empowering users to craft precise sites beyond predefined templates.

1. The Software is Free and Open-Source download wordpress for free in 2024

WordPress comes in two flavors: and Both are entirely free to use, with WordPress offering a self-hosted version for greater control and advanced plugins. While suits beginners, those with serious business aspirations often migrate to the self-hosted option. It’s important to note that while the software is free, hosting costs may apply, starting at around $3 per month.

See it in Action: one of the best places to start building a website in 2024

Visit the website, and with a single click, you can access the latest version of WordPress. The easy installation process ensures that even novices can have their WordPress site up and running within minutes.

2. It Adapts So You Can Make Any Type of Website

Contrary to the misconception that WordPress is primarily for blogs, it has evolved into a versatile platform capable of supporting a wide array of website types. From blogs and business websites to eCommerce sites, forums, and even eLearning modules, WordPress provides a robust foundation. The advantage of its blogging roots ensures a seamless integration of content creation into any website development project.

See it in Action:

Explore the limitless possibilities by checking out examples like WordPress portfolio sites, eCommerce stores powered by WooCommerce with Full Site Editing, and forums created effortlessly with WordPress themes and plugins.

3. It Supports Numerous Media Types

WordPress accommodates a diverse range of media types, from images and documents to audio and video. With support for common file formats like .jpg, .pdf, .mp3, and more, WordPress ensures a hassle-free experience for content creators. However, it’s essential to adhere to copyright regulations when using media on your site.

A Word of Warning:

While WordPress supports a vast array of media, it’s crucial to use only legally-owned or free-to-use media. Several platforms, such as Visual Hunt, Unsplash, and Pexels, offer high-quality, legally usable images for WordPress sites.

4. It’s Easy to Learn and Has a Huge Community

As an open-source software, WordPress boasts a user-friendly interface that allows individuals of varying skill levels to dive in and start creating. The extensive community surrounding WordPress ensures that resources, including blogs, forums, online courses, seminars, and webinars, are readily available for both beginners and seasoned developers.

See it in Action:

Discover the dual role of the WordPress community, providing organized training for in-depth knowledge and quick solutions to address specific development queries. Platforms like WP101 offer comprehensive video courses, making WordPress learning accessible to all.

5. You Can Scale Up and Expand Your Website with Themes and Plugins

Wordpress in 2024 full site editing block themes.

The flexibility of WordPress themes and plugins not only simplifies the initial website creation process but also enables seamless scalability. Whether it’s adding a membership section, integrating quizzes, or completely revamping the site’s look, themes and plugins play a pivotal role in extending a website’s functionality.

Site Expansion Isn’t Only Done with Plugins:

Besides plugins, adapting to the evolving needs of your site may also involve changing themes. Trusted theme shops and developers provide a range of options for different categories, ensuring that your site maintains a fresh, appealing look.

6. It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Manage

Managing a website can seem like a complicated task, but in 2024, WordPress has made the process even easier. From server maintenance and security to backups, updates, and SEO, WordPress offers user-friendly solutions. Moreover, there are many plugins available that automate various tasks, making it simple for individuals without extensive technical knowledge to manage their websites efficiently.

See it in Action:

Explore the ease of managing a WordPress site, from daily backups and updates to SEO optimization, using plugins like WP Time Capsule for seamless file and database backups.

7. SEO Comes First

WordPress places a strong emphasis on SEO, automatically generating title tags and meta descriptions for pages and posts. While the default SEO tools are robust, plugins like Rank Math SEO take it a step further, providing detailed insights and suggestions to enhance a website’s search engine optimization.

See it in Action:

Unlock the full potential of WordPress SEO with tools like Yoast, and Rank Math, which offer a comprehensive analysis of keyword effectiveness, density, and page title optimization.

8. You Have Full Control of Your Website

Unlike closed-source website builders that limit control, WordPress empowers users with complete ownership of their sites. With the freedom to choose hosting, customize code, and own the content outright, WordPress ensures that your website remains a valuable asset under your control.

See it in Action:

Navigate the Appearance tab in WordPress to experience the breadth of customization options, from themes and fonts to colors, widgets, menus, logos, and code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is WordPress suitable only for blogs?

A: No, WordPress has evolved beyond its blogging origins and can be used to create a wide range of websites, including business sites, portfolios, forums, eCommerce stores, and more.

Q: How much does it cost to use WordPress?

A: WordPress software is free to use, but hosting costs may apply, starting at around $3 per month. Additional costs may include premium themes, plugins, and services.

Q: Can I migrate from to

A: Yes, migration is possible. offers more control and flexibility, making it a preferred choice for those with business aspirations.

Q: Are there restrictions on media types in WordPress?

A: While WordPress supports a broad range of media types, it’s essential to use legally-owned or free-to-use media. Adhering to copyright regulations is crucial.

Q: How can I enhance SEO on my WordPress site?

A: WordPress prioritizes SEO, and using plugins like Yoast SEO can further optimize your site. Focus on keywords, meta descriptions, and other on-page SEO elements.

Q: Can I change themes on my WordPress site?

A: Yes, themes can be easily changed on a WordPress site. It’s a common practice to update themes for a fresh look or to accommodate changes in website needs.


WordPress’s dominance in the web development landscape is not a coincidence. With its free and open-source nature, adaptability, support for various media types, user-friendly interface, scalability, and robust SEO features, WordPress emerges as the top choice for individuals and businesses seeking a powerful and flexible CMS. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, WordPress offers a world of possibilities for creating and managing exceptional websites.

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